My mother used to cook this awesome Christmas dinner recipe, reading the amazing turkey recipe from her paisley colored hand written cookbook of Christmas Recipes, penned by my great grandmother. My great grandmother had spent all her life as a leading chef in most of the famous Italian kitchens of the world, owing to her penchant for cooking vigorously! Dressed in her checkered apron and the rest of a chef’s avatar, she herself was quite a delight to know and people actually craved for her mouthwatering delish foods. So, here is the leaked secret to surprise your family with an easy and healthy recipe created by these good old wives of our family! This incredible recipe is one of the easiest meal ideas for dinner and if it’s meant for a Christmas dinner, well, then there’s barely anything one could ask for! And what is even better, it is cooked in Kisan canola or rapeseed oil, which is one of the most heart-healthy edible oils of the world.

With every Christmas, springs a bevy of sprightly colors
With every Christmas, springs a bevy of sprightly colors

With every Christmas, springs a bevy of sprightly colors, charming gifts, endless days of merriment, ceaseless joy and not to forget, and the scrumptiously cooked homemade food, which is always prized as one of the most heartwarming memories of a well-spent Christmas break. While the gust of the icy winter blows boorishly, most people remain tucked up inside their homes, comforting snugly near their fireplaces while reprising beautiful family together. I remember spending most of the childhood in a snow-capped village near Berlin and being a quasi-German by birth, means braving and surviving tons of boundless coldness every year.

With every Christmas, springs a bevy of sprightly color
With every Christmas, springs a bevy of sprightly color


  • 21ml of rapeseed oil, or Kisan canola oil,
  • 5.5 kilograms of organic turkey (please request the butcher to discard the neck and the wings and chop it into smaller pieces to use serving in a dish)
  • 40 grams of unsalted butter, melted at room temperature,
  • 2 sprinkles of the sea salt flakes,
  • 2 sprinkles of freshly ground white pepper,
  • 200ml/7fl oz. water,
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper,
  • 1-2 teaspoons of finely crushed arrowroot (depending on how thick you like your gravy), dissolved in one tablespoon of the cold water,
  • Roasted potatoes and steamed seasonal vegetables of your liking, all ready to be served.


Firstly, take out the turkey from the fridge and keep it at room temperature. It is most likely to melt in an hour. Preheat the oven to 230C whilst you are all ready to start the cooking process! Gently heat the Kisan canola cooking oil in a thick, bottomless tray of an enormous size and place it on the top of the stove. Now, add the chopped parts of the turkey wings and neck and fry the entire material for almost ten minutes. Make sure you turn over the turkey pieces over after every four minutes till it becomes crispy golden in color. Melt the butter with the help of a dessert spoon, sprinkle a seasoning of salt and freshly ground black pepper and whisk all the of these ingredients together.

Now, with the help of a pastry brush, smudge the turkey with the seasoned blend of butter again and again till it is totally greasy. Smear any excessive amount of butter onto the roasting tray, after the chopped wings and neck have been made nice crispy golden after frying deeply. Unlike other processed edible oils, I always vouch for the Kisan cooking oil, to cook better and safer meals for the family. Now, coming back to our recipe, once the turkey pieced have been browned well, place it on top of its neck and wings and now roast the entire turkey in your oven for half an hour.

Once the turkey is roasted well, remove it from the oven and splash a sprinkling of the cooking juices quite well. Decrease the temperature to 160C. Take some water and pour it into the roasting tray and then put back the turkey into the oven and keep cooking for an hour again. This time, keep the turkey basted with the succulent cooking juices after every twenty to twenty five minutes, in order to prevent the leakage of heat from the oven.


As the recipe is almost done, please make sure to check if the turkey has been cooked thoroughly by a simple test. Insert a skewer or a roasting fork into the bulkiest portion of the turkey thigh and if the juices run all clear, it means that the meat has been cooked well. A meat thermometer has been also used by many cooks to determine if the temperature exceeds 74 degrees Celsius or even more. However, if the turkey is just half cooked, put it back into the oven and wait for another twenty minutes till the juices are as clear as crystal.

 Put the cooked Christmas turkey into its deep tray. Keep it soaked with its succulent cooking juices and wait for almost two hours. Add a nice serving of roasted potatoes and some delicious vegetable dishes as a side, to serve with your Christmas surprise!

While the guests await you eagerly, try to cook the turkey on the stove top and let the cooking juices simmer for a few minutes! Scrape away any burnt pieces of the turkey with the help of a wooden spoon. Sprinkle it with a nice helping of salt and ground pepper, if required as per your taste preferences. Strain any leftover gravy by filtering it and blend it onto the top of the turkey as a thick, luscious coating.

Let the guests beam cheerily at the very sight of this tastily cooked Christmas turkey, presented on an elegant, rose-gold tinted, vintage tray and stuck with a sprig of holly to make its way into your taste buds! 

Cherish the stirring memories together during this icy winter! Merry Christmas!


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